What is the difference between a portrait session and a lifestyle session?
Portrait sessions generally take place outside.  They last about an hour.  The main objective is to get a mix of posed shots and candid shots with the intent to create portraits that will be hung as art on your walls, archived in a signature album or shared on a greeting card.  Lifestyle sessions generally take place inside your house or just around your house and neighborhood.  They last at least two hours.  The main objective is to document your unscripted life with the intent to create a book or wall gallery telling the story of your current stage of life.  I will be more of a fly-on-the-wall while you go about your normal routine with your kids.

How many pictures will I get? 
This totally depends on the session and your package, but I generally guarantee at least 40 proofs for portrait sessions and 80 for lifestyle sessions.  My clients often will see more than that.

Do you offer digital copies of your images? 
Yes.  I offer digital images with every wall art piece, custom album and print set.  Digital copies are not sold individually or without printed products.  You will be investing in a premium service, you deserve a premium product to showcase that investment.  I wholeheartedly believe it is a disservice to clients to just shoot a session and hand over a USB drive.

I have no idea of what to do with these images.  Can you help? 
Absolutely!  I offer custom wall gallery designs and custom signature albums for local clients.  I offer to come to each of my client’s homes to look over your space and show you digitally what we can do with your walls.  If you aren’t a wall art kind of client, I custom design beautiful heirloom albums to archive your family’s memories.  Let’s talk!

When is the best age to photograph my little one? 
Well, that’s a hard one!  I don’t think there is a “bad” time or age.  Any time is great!  My favorites are newborns, babies 6-9 months, toddlers 15-18 months, 3 year olds… wait, 2 year olds, too, and 5 year olds… and 10 and 15 year olds. Seriously, no bad age!  They are all fun! 

Portrait Sessions

Where will our portrait session take place? 
I want these portraits to be really special to your family and not just pretty pictures.  I ask all of my clients to choose the spot, if they live within 20 miles of Fort Washington, PA.  This can be your house or your neighborhood playground or your favorite place to go.  I’m personally obsessed with finding beauty and light in any location with anyone.

When will our portrait take place? 
I schedule at sunrise or near sunset on Fridays or Saturdays with some other weekday options when possible.  During the summer months, I usually ask my clients to wake up their littles early for sunrise.  Sunrise is best for playgrounds or cityscapes, as this is the only time of day that we can expect to have the place to ourselves.  If we are shooting all indoors (or doing a lifestyle session), then, the time of day is not important, and we can base the time on when your child is happiest.

My kid doesn’t sit still for pictures, so how long will it take? 
You can expect to play and move around for the full hour portrait session, if your child is mobile.  I am a relational photographer not a sit-perfectly-still-and-smile photographer.  I want to mostly be a fly-on-the-wall, even for a portrait session, and watch your little one/s play and watch you play with him/her/them.  

Are all of your shots candid? 
While most of my shots are more candid during even a portrait session, I will grab a posed shot or two of the whole family together, but even then, I will try to get a more relaxed portrait.  If I feel like it is needed or possible with your child/ren, I give directions and guide everyone to the best light and more attractive backgrounds during a portrait session, and then, I let things happen as naturally as possible.  But, overall, we just play.  *During a lifestyle shoot, every shot is candid and unscripted.  If, at the end of our shoot, I feel like we didn’t get a single shot with everyone in your family in the frame, I may suggest everyone pile on the couch for a story.  Otherwise, nothing is posed for this style of shoot.

I am still carrying some baby weight and/or just hate having my picture taken.  Can you just take portraits of my kid? 
I completely understand this frustration.  I gained 60 pounds in my first pregnancy, and it took me 5+ years to lose it (through 2 more pregnancies).  But, your kids think you are beautiful and amazing right now, as you are.  I will do my best to get the most flattering angles, but expect to be present in the portrait session, playing along with your little one/s.


I have a 3 week old baby, can I get newborn portraits? 
We can certainly take portraits anytime, but to get a true newborn posed portrait of a sleeping baby, I need to photograph babies in their first week of life.  There are exceptions for preemies or babies that come past their due date, but generally, I prefer to do newborn portraits within a couple days of when you came home from the hospital.  So, book while you are still pregnant!

Wait.  I will be so tired from birth that first week.  Are you sure? 
Yes, I’m sure.  I have been through the birthing process four times myself, so trust me, I know it will not be easy.  But, this is why I allow twice as much time for newborns, and I come to your house.

Do you bring props and backgrounds with you? 
No, I do not.  Babies are small.  I use your blankets as backgrounds for portraits of them alone or simply their crib sheets.  As for props, I generally don’t use them, but if there is something special that you really want in your baby’s portraits, I am happy to talk about how we can possibly incorporate them.  These portraits are mostly lifestyle in nature in that I focus more on connections than perfect poses.

I’m not sure newborn portraits will be all I want for this first year.  Do you offer any special packages if we want more than one session in a year? 
Yes!  I offer packages for 3, 4 or 5 sessions in the first year, and I highly recommend doing this since they change so fast.  Each package comes with a custom album and digital files.

Lifestyle Sessions

What are we supposed to do during the session?
That is up to you!  I can show up before your kids usually wake up and capture their sweet bedheads, the chaos of breakfast and getting dressed and morning routines… I can come after morning nap… or I can come for bedtime routine.  Any time of day!  I will plan to be there for at least two hours just following you around while you just do your life.  This type of session is great for families with little kids that are super active and change their activity every 15-30 minutes, but it can work for any family.  Think of this as event photography for a pseudo boring day at home.  Kids change so fast that the seemingly mundane routine you keep today will be completely different in a year.  So, it doesn’t matter what you do during the session, as it will be special to you one day regardless!

Can I get this type of session without the book to cut costs?
No.  Sorry, I’m not sorry about this one.  :-)  While I understand that we live in a digital world and this is the preferred method of delivery of “goods” these days, I also understand the importance of documenting a story in sequence.  I firmly believe that if you are investing in 2+ hours of my coverage, you should have a beautiful, custom-made, professional quality book to tell the “story” of your daily life.  Digital collections come with this package, but you will have a book to show for this!

My house is not magazine-like, and we don’t get tons of natural light.  Can we still do this inside?
Yes!  For newborns, I will often bring lights with me to make sure we have bright shots inside anyone’s home.  I can bring lights to a lifestyle session upon request, but generally, I think they just get in the way to the unscripted nature of the time (as they take time to set up and break down from room to room).  So, I usually just suggest opening all shades all the way, and we rely on my great, professional cameras and lenses to do their job in low-light.  Also, I don’t care what your house looks like, as long as it is your home… lived-in is fine with me.  :-)



You didn’t answer my questions!  

So sorry!  Shoot me an email.  Call me (215.278.9181).  Inquire more.  I want to talk to you!