Sunrise Session – Fort Washington Family Portrait Photographer

This was my third portrait session at Manufacturer’s Golf Club in under four months, but this was my first sunrise family portrait session at this Fort Washington golf club.  It was a STUNNING morning for sunrise portraits.
I love sunrise.  It is no secret that I am a morning person, but I really love portraits first thing in the morning for many reasons.  One of which is that the crowds aren’t out.  We could NOT have gone all over the golf course if people were already out actually playing golf.  That, obviously, would’ve been quite dangerous.
But, the main reason I love sunrise is because we are all fresh.  My kids haven’t drained me yet, and your kids are freshly fed and ready to take on the day.  And then, we have this magical light.  If we are lucky, we get this mystical fog and wet grass that gleams.
Seriously, this could not have been more perfect!  Dad got permission, as a member, to get a cart and go wherever we wanted.  And, mom and dad were fully prepared with snacks for their kids.  Everyone did amazingly well!
Happy viewing, friends!
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Mom and her babies. Your children will cherish these one day.

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The baby of the family gets extra kisses, but perhaps it is because we realize how quickly they will grow!

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This sunlight was so perfectly golden.

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The dew on the grass mixed with this magical light made such a beautiful backdrop.

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The fog was so dreamy!

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Baby giggles!

father son sunrise [/photoset][photoset layout=”1″][/photoset][photoset layout=”1″][/photoset][photoset layout=”1″][/photoset]
This sweet family has become friends of ours over the last year or so. I am so honored to have been hired to take the family portrait that replaced their 50” canvas from a portrait when they were just a family of 3.
[photoset layout=”1″]product image whitmire canvas [/photoset]
Their new Whitmire canvas was absolutely stunning!  Pictures don’t really do it justice, friends.  The process of making these is truly what makes it “furniture for your wall.”  Forget those groupon or mass-made canvas companies!  I hunt for the best of the best vendors, and I am so thrilled to have delivered this in person.
The delivery of their canvas was so special, too!  It was their middle child’s 3rd birthday, and she had casually mentioned (maybe more than once) that she wanted to be in that picture with her big sister.  So, my new assistant Jennie and I brought it over on her birthday, and dad immediately hung it up!  What joy to see her joy!
[photoset layout=”1″]leather heirloom album[/photoset]
Along with their canvas, this family now has a 15×10” heirloom leather album for their family history.  I love this large album size.  The images are so stunning printed as a full page, but they also look great 4 to a page, without being too small.
I love my job.  From getting up before the sun and photographing this beautiful family to meeting the parents in person and placing their order to delivering their final products. It is such a joy to see pixels come to life.
I would love to photograph your family, too.  Contact me today for more information.

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