Posed vs. Lifestyle Newborn Photography Philadelphia: Which One Is Better?

You may be wondering how an in-home newborn lifestyle session is different from other types of photography. As a mother of four, I can tell you that I went through a slew of emotions in the weeks following the birth of each of my kids. This is a period when feelings are intense – feelings of love, growth, happiness, and also the thought of never wanting to miss a second. Every coo, smile, giggle, and cry are always changing and growing with your little bundle of joy.

There is also a lot of work that goes into taking care of newborns and having the luxury of staying at home can save you a massive amount of time and stress. This is where a lifestyle approach to your newborn session makes a difference. There are many reasons why it can make life easier for mom and baby – and for anyone else that’s on diaper duty, but today we will talk about six imperative ones that separate a newborn lifestyle session from other approaches to newborn photography.

You Don’t Need to Leave Your Home for Newborn Photography in Philadelphia

That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography, you don’t need to worry about packing your necessities, struggling to be on time, or stress about forgetting your baby’s cutest outfit at home! Everything you possibly will need will be right at home, and I will make sure to capture these special moments between you, your family and your sweet newborn baby in the comfort of your own home.

This is where all of the most authentic moments are born – and an in-home newborn lifestyle session will freeze these moments in time for you to remember forever! These remarkable heirlooms will be yours to pass down for generations, and as parents, we all know that we want them to stay this little and cute forever, just as you remember them now. Newborn lifestyle sessions would also not take as long as most in-studio newborn sessions. Because I focus on your moments over perfect poses, I let your baby(and any other kids you have) lead the way in how long we take to get perfectly imperfect portraits for your family to cherish forever.

We take breaks as needed for diaper changes or for baby to eat; everything is relaxed with little pressure. The entire session can take as little as an hour but certainly not more than two hours. I want to capture your baby’s perfect little features as they are, whether they are fast asleep in their crib all bundled up in blankets, or in mom or dad’s arms, these are the moments that will be most important to you as a parent to look back on – because it will trigger your fondest memories of these first few weeks with your baby, right at home. If you want to know more information on this, you can contact me about your future newborn session!

Show Off That Beautiful Nursery!  

In the months leading up to the due date, we all know how hard you worked to decorate your nursery to perfection. Whether the colors are pink, blue, yellow, or rainbow, this nursery was a labor of love – and you want to show it off. After all, kids grow up fast, and the nursery will change in the blink of an eye once your baby starts to grow up, so don’t put it off!

A newborn lifestyle session will show a personal side to your memories, which will allow you to reminisce the best parts of the first few weeks of your bundle’s life – right down to the fine details. It is truly more special when fine details like your baby’s favorite position to sleep, their special blankie or stuffed toy that was always by their side, and the arrangement of the nursery, all play into capturing the true spirit of what this special time was like. These organic moments are what you will remember fondly forever, all moments that took place in the comfort of your own home.


Tell Your Story As a Family 

While a lot of the attention will be on your newest addition to the family, a newborn lifestyle session captures every family member as they interact with the baby and each other. Seemingly mundane moments can translate into the best images when a session is over, and everyone will be happy with the results. Reserving a newborn lifestyle photography session is usually booked before the baby is born, with the due date in mind.

These sessions mostly take place within the first two weeks after birth, but nothing is ever set in stone because we all know that babies come when they want to come – which is fine! These are all essential moving parts of what a special experience a newborn lifestyle session can bring to a family, and capturing your story unfolding with a new chapter (your little one) added is part of the process.

Telling a story through photos is a large part of why I love lifestyle photography. As a mother, I am able to see everyone’s personalities shine through – as a photographer, I can capture that. A picture is worth a thousand words, and a newborn lifestyle session can create a novel’s worth of who you and your family are. You may think at one point that these moments don’t mean much, but in the coming years, you may come to realize that they were the best parts of your entire life – and I want to capture that for you, before this special time passes (and it will pass by in the blink of an eye).

Siblings Will Feel at Home 

I think we all can understand how difficult it would be to rally up everyone; the kids, the adults, the brand new baby – it’s actually next to impossible to say that everyone will all be in pristine condition. There will usually be a stain or wrinkle here or there, misplaced hairs, a forgotten hairbrush – you name it. This is also where tensions may rise, and it’s no fun when everyone, especially the baby is a little frazzled. My goal is to capture things authentically and to put you at ease. No one needs to be in stuffy clothing, and no one should feel rushed during this session.

If your newborn has any older siblings, they will feel a lot more comfortable when they are in their own element. All of their toys, favorite people, things, and snacks are all at home. When I enter a family’s home, I make it a point to spend some time with the older siblings. This helps them get more relaxed, and when everyone is happy, we can capture some amazing images. I don’t ever want to take a child out of their element because they can clam up. Interactions between your older kids and the little bundle of joy are heart-melting, and they are that much more special when they are captured in your living room.

The beauty of this session is that every member of your family is coming together to welcome your baby home, and it is so special to capture these moments of everyone getting to know the little one. Whether it is their siblings, grandparents, godparent, aunt or uncle, anyone who is in your home helping you during this transition is a great addition to telling your story as a family.

There’s No Pressure

Besides making sure that there is no pressure on the little ones, it is also crucial to allow the parents to feel at home as well. Don’t worry about getting TOO dressed up, in fact, don’t get dressed up at all! Find something you feel great in! I remember all too well how clothes don’t fit quite right postpartum, so whatever you feel good in WILL work for your portraits. In order for you to have the pressure taken off, you need to be comfortable.

Allow yourself to relax as I get to know you, your kids, and the baby. Then, allow me to be a fly on the wall, and capture some precious moments and interactions between you and your little one. Of course, I will be there to guide you every step of the way, but the more natural, the better. Here are a few ideas for outfits if you need guidance, but if you schedule a call with me about your newborn session, I can answer any questions you may have!

Does the baby need to be changed? Go for it.

Are the kids wandering around the house? Don’t worry, I can capture some beautiful moments from just that!

Is it time to put the toddler down for a nap? That’s fine!

Anything and everything goes, because that is what a newborn lifestyle session is all about. I don’t use props, just the blankets you have in your nursery are enough to capture some authentic moments of your little one that will last for a lifetime. These images will become irreplaceable custom wall art and albums filled with smiles and laughs, along with the personalities of your newborn, children, and any other close family members that you want present during your sessions.

There are so many benefits to having an in-home newborn lifestyle session, and they are all catered to you and your family so that you can have the easiest experience possible. These types of sessions capture a slice of life, allowing you to look back on this time when you are getting to know your precious little miracle.

After your session, don’t worry about even lifting a finger(other than to hold your baby)! I’ll come back to your home to show you all the images from your session, help you choose the right products for you and your family, which includes announcements, albums, and wall art galleries. Larger wall art is also installed professionally. This entire process is for you to have memories that last for generations, all while you are spending time with your little bundle of joy.
This delicate time can fly right by, and you’ll be so glad that you were able to document the many “firsts” that your baby experiences in a tangible memory.

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